GX Brasil

DTS 2022



Our Values

“We exist to lead this youth with values that will transform their characters, and after being transformed, will lead others”


We are responsible for taking care of our vocation and honoring God for what we are called to do.


As Christians we are committed to the Kingdom of God and His word as well.


We believe that we are in this world to be influential over people, and this influence changes characters.

We are GX Brasil
We are a Christian organization that works for the Kingdom of God to be established on Earth in a complete and integral way.
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Our History
The name GX stands for Global Xpression. Founded in 2003, we are now located in the countryside of São Paulo.
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Our Project
GX Brasil offers free hip hop classes, capoeira and tutoring workshops in Portuguese and English for our youth.
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Be a partner


One of the requirements to be a member of GX Brasil is to attend the Discipleship Training School (DTS).

In order to become a missionary in our organization you need to fulfill, initially, some requirements: be a Christian, be in full relationship with a local church, have a letter of recommendation from your pastor, and be at least 18 years old. With these requirements fulfilled, you will then need to attend a Discipleship Training School (DTS). This school is the opening door to YWAM.


YWAM staff are people involved in long term missions and people that want to reach specific goals in the great task that is worldwide evangelization. Your commitment with YWAM can go from 1 year to a lifetime. Just as the mission has grown as a whole, also the opportunities for work have being growing.


Besides becoming part of the YWAM staff, you can also become involved by being a short-term or long-term volunteer, participating in evangelistic campaigns, workshops and short term courses. You can contact with us via e-mail contato@gxbrasil.com.br


All staff members of YWAM receive their support via partnerships with churches and “supporters”, people who have made a commitment to financially support the staff. There are also those called “Tent Makers” (missionaries that have a job for social, political or ministerial reasons).




“Tour” is for those who want to invest a month of their lives doing evangelism and urban missions.

Tour is an evangelistic campaign ministering for around 1 month in a city or specific region of Brazil or outside Brazil. During this time, assemblies are done, using the elements of hip hop culture and extreme sports, in schools, squares, prisons and also shows (bigger events). All this is with one purpose – to give to the youth the opportunity to see God’s love and to respond to God’s love.

Our strategy is shared in 3 phases:

  1. Awakening

A tour not only includes the logistics (feeding, transportation, accommodation, and agenda) but it is also consists of spiritual preparation. Something powerful happens when Christians from all over the world get together for one purpose, to pray months before everything begins. It’s a time to awaken the church for the reality of their local urban culture, to recruit people, and time to hear God’s heart for that particular place!


     2. Evangelization

The gospel is transmitted in a creative and complete way, nothing is left out! Age, context, gender and values are important elements of the culture and they are always present. In that way, each person can be effectively reached!


     3. Discipleship

GX always works along with the local church. The church is responsible for continuing the work that we have begun. Members of the local church disciple every single person that makes a decision for Jesus Christ, helping them to grow and continue their walk.

Some tours are done with Impact World (IW), which promotes campaigns in various parts of the world. IW goes to the towns, establishes contact with the local churches, and prepares each little detail to receive the teams that will be participating. Besides GX, other teams may partner for this time – Island Breeze and TX (Team Xtreme).

The tour is for those who want to invest one month of their lives doing what God has called us to do, “Go and preach the gospel to all people,” Mark 16:15 – in a creative way! This is also for those who are already in full-time missions or want to have an experience in full-time missions for a short period of time.


You can make a donation by Paypal, bank deposit or credit card.

Your contributions help us spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and take care of people in need. We are thankful to God for your help!

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