FREBUARY 20th- JULY 08th 2023

GX Brasil is a ministry that is part of YWAM  (Youth with a Mission) focused on urban missions, who works with hip-hop culture (dance, b-boy, rap, graffiti and DJ) and action sports (skate, bmx, rollers, etc) using these tools to connect with a current generation and reach them with the gospel.

Also, GX Brasil serves as a social welfare program that offers activities without cost such as: capoeira, hip-hop classes, spanish and english classes, school reinforcement, therapy sessions and various courses for local families in the community, to introduce a new life perspective to teenagers and youth in general.


“We exist to INFLUENCE our Youth with values that will transform their characters and these, after being transformed, will influence others.


We want to bring awareness to the Youth about the need to seek a positive change, offering them and their families an alternative for a relevant life”.

The Discipleship training school happens on the first semester of the year and it lasts 5 months.

LECTURE PHASE (3 months)

  • Classes about various topics.
  • Communion with God and others.
  • Training time to perfect artistic abilities.

OUTREACH (2 months)

  • Local, national or international trips, with an specific evangelistic program.
  • Local assistance to communities in need.
  • GATHER and CHALLENGE people to listen God’s voice to influence our society.
  • IMPROVE abilities to relate to others, learn to work with people, including those with different cultures, languages, personalities, and world views.  
  • EQUIP people on different competences and abilities.
  • TRANSMIT vision and fundamental values from YWAM for a variety of opportunities to serve.

“DTS is a school for life”

  • a DTS is not a dance club.
  • a DTS is not a theology course.
  • a DTS is not an inner healing course.

To do a DTS, the applicant should:

  • Be older than 18 years old. (or turn 18 during DTS);
  • Be associated to a local church;
  • Fill  the three forms (student, leader, and friend).

Lecture phase takes place in our GX space, located in Cosmópolis city, São Paulo.

Outreach: to be confirmed.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Registration: U$ 250,00 | School fees: U$ 2100,00*

This tuition covers accommodations, food, classes, speakers and teaching material during the 5 months of the school (Lecture and Outreach phases). 


  • Cash (5% discount, if you pay it all at once)
  • Credit/Debit card 
  • Wise ( It can be split threefold)