GX Brasil

GX Brasil

"A mixture of entertainment and challenges, where people find an opportunity to answer the call of God".

About us

GX Brazil is an international, philanthropic and Christian organization which works to establish the Kingdom of God in a complete and integral way. The ministry is a part of YWAM – Youth With a Mission, which acts in evangelism, and also in training and mobilizing youth from every nation for missionary work.


Founded in 1997 in the United States and 2003 in Brazil, the name GX stands for “Global Xpression” – “Global Expression’’.


Since its foundation, GX BRASIL has traveled to almost every state in Brazil, using hip hop culture elements and action sports as a way to draw the attention of the youth to the dangers of drugs, alcohol, violence and bullying, something that has become chaos in our society.

There were hundreds of presentations in schools, streets, squares, universities and street fairs, with a single purpose: “To see this generation chasing something really important, making sure it’s worth it, and finding their future in God.” – Rogaciano B. dos Santos, Director of GX Brasil


Currently, the organization is located in the city of Cosmópolis, nearby Campinas (São Paulo), where the organization’s office is located, the shed where the capoeira and hip hop workshops take place, and classrooms for tutoring in Portuguese and English.


“We exist to lead this youth with values that will transform their characters, and after being transformed, will lead others”


“From the perception of our current society, where drugs and violence become chaos, we will be an influential organization that will lead people to have a commitment to God and seek a positive change in life. Together we will draw the attention of youth with our tools of action, until everyone can hear about Christ the Savior and be impacted by him.”

Our Values

COMMITMENT – As Christians we are committed to the Kingdom of God and His word as well.


INFLUENCE – We believe that we are in this world to be influential over people, and this influence changes characters.


RESPONSIBILITY – We are responsible for taking care of our vocation and honoring God for what we are called to do.


Rogá Santos
Rogá Santos@rogagx
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“We want to see this generation going after something really important, making sure that it’s worth it, finding their future in God”

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