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About the project

After 17 years of work in the city of Curitiba using hip hop culture and action sports to bring awareness about the danger of drug and alcohol addictions, we have moved to the city of Cosmópolis (São Paulo). In this new space, besides our administrative office, we have a studio where we offer hip hop dance classes, capoeira classes, and school reinforcement in Portuguese, English, and literacy for young students of Basic Education II and High School, aged between 11 and 17, residents of Cosmópolis.

The idea for this project came up in 2020, in order to use the same strategies that were applied in Curitiba, but considering that here in Cosmópolis we would have our own space to develop cultural activities, and thus be more involved with the local community, achieving better results.

In Cosmópolis, a larger share of the young population will be reached. In addition, having a fixed address, GX has a dance studio for hip hop and capoeira workshops, and 3 rooms for school tutoring.

GX Brasil will do something relevant for this group of people, such as encouraging them to practice sports (capoeira) and art (dance). Also, getting involved in other areas so that they can become healthy and committed citizens. It will be a mix of entertainment and learning, always emphasizing the value of life.

Hip Hop workshops

GX Brasil aims to widespread hip hop culture, promote urban art and dissociate the idea that hip hop is associated with vandalism, drugs, violence, and pornography, whose associations are very present in Brazilian music.

The partnership with Grupo Move enables us to hold Hip Hop workshops every Saturday at 2:30 pm.


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Despite the city of Cosmópolis being located in a privileged region where culture and art are well spread, it is clear that the city has received a little incentive to culture. Not to mention that free cultural spaces for young people and teenagers to participate in cultural projects are very rare.

As a way to meet this local demand, and also to promote the inclusion of young and teens in the artistic cultural context, GX Brasil wants to provide an alternative for entertainment, culture, and art. GX Brasil wants to make its space available for these young people to learn and develop their gifts and talents, and be awakened in their potential.

GX Brasil has the collaboration of qualified volunteers (art educators, teachers, and tech staff), both in the management and technical areas.

Capoeira workshops

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian cultural expression that mixes martial art, sport, popular culture, dance, and music. It was developed in Brazil by African slaves descendants, it is characterized by agile and complex blows and movements.

We have Capoeira classes every Wednesday from 7:30 pm.

School Reinforcement

In this time of pandemic and social isolation, it was noticed how much students suffered due to the lack of classes. Therefore, GX Brasil wants to give the opportunity of a school reinforcement for those who are having difficulties in the subjects of Portuguese, English, and Literacy.


If you need reinforcement in one of these areas, please contact us!


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Your contributions help us spread the gospel of Jesus and care for people in need. You can contribute via Paypal on behalf of: Rogaciano Benicio dos Santos.

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